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Welcome to MaST

Danforth Students Attend TKSummit

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TK Summit 1


Danforth students; Rosmeeah, Mikhail, Lana and Subha attended the TKSummit last weekend on Toronto’s waterfront.

“Take action right now, get a head start into life and take a route that isn’t conventional. This was the message that they really pushed in TKSummit 2018. This conference was a day full of networking, inspiring speakers and idea sharing. We were able to listen to speakers that work for the most influential and powerful companies in the world. We were able to hear what they see as the future and how they personally got into these companies and what they are doing right now. Some of the great ideas came from  speakers from companies such as Facebook, where they created Facebook spaces. The designers integrated VR and create avatars so they were able to connect with people even more. Almost all of the presentations had AI integrated in it. Another point  most of the speakers said was that technological advances used to be growing linearly, but now it’s the age where it grows exponentially.”

Lana T.

TK Summit 2

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 May 2018 11:50

Former MaST students get a deal on Dragon's Den!

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Frank Nguyen and Andre Bertram(both MaST graduates 2015) appeared on Dragon's Den on October 19th looking for      $100 000 of funding and to partner with one or more Dragon's on their invention, the HeartWatch.

Not only did they get the full $100 000 in funding, but every Dragon went in on the deal to partner with them!  Check out their appearance below:

For more information about the HeartWatch and Andre and Frank's company, please visit their website:

Last Updated on Friday, 20 October 2017 18:02

Why MaST?

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Current and former MaST students speak about their experiences in our program!

Last Updated on Friday, 18 September 2015 21:07

2017-2018 Important Dates

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November 7, 2017

Information Night                 Link to Info Night Presentation

December 15, 2017

Application Deadline

January    20, 2018

Entrance Exam

February        2018

Acceptance letters mailed

March            2018

Final date for response

The science test is based on the grade 7 and 8 science/technology curriculum and the math test is based on the grade 7 and 8 math curriculum (see below). The MaST entrance test serves as a gauge of the applicants' ability.  There is no need to prepare or study as we will be testing prior knowledge, but we strongly recommend students get a good rest before they write the test. Both tests are Multiple Choice.

Grade 7 Science Topics Include;

  • Life Systems (Interactions in the Environment)
  • Structures and Mechanisms (Form and Function)
  • Matter and Energy (Pure Substances and Mixtures)
  • Earth and Space Systems (Heat in the Environment)

Grade 8 Science Topics Include;

  • Life Systems (Cells)
  • Structures and Mechanisms (System in Action)
  • Matter and Energy (Fluids)
  • Earth and Space Systems (Water Systems)

Grade 7 and 8 Math Topics Include;

  • Number Sense and Numeration
  • Measurement
  • Geometry and Spatial Sense
  • Patterning in Algebra
  • Data Management and Probability
Please refer to the links below for information on the Ontario curriculum for a more detailed description.
Last Updated on Thursday, 09 November 2017 15:22

Danforth Student Participates in Zero to Startup

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“ I was thrilled to hear that I was accepted into this program. Zero to Startup is a 13 week long technology startup program created by Steam Labs. This program helps with the development of entrepreneurial skills and provides opportunities such as working with real world tools and technologies like 3D printing, laser cutting, electronics etc. The first couple weeks consist of the introduction to Arduino, coding, how to develop websites etc. After the individual skills are built, group's will be formed and they will design and build a product with a specific user in mind. On week thirteen, the prototypes will be presented to judges and winners chosen. The first three weeks have been a great experience.” Menna A.  

Menna Circuit BoardMenna Website
Last Updated on Thursday, 05 October 2017 14:45

Engineers Extraordinaire

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Former  MaST students Frank Nguyen and Andre Bertram to appear on Dragons' Den. They have been recognized for their work in producing a new type of heart rate monitor.  Please visit the links below for an in depth Toronto Star article and Canada AM interview.  (the interview begins at 1 hour and 30 seconds)

Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 October 2017 11:24

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