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What is MaST?


MaST is a four-year program specializing in Mathematics, Science and Technology that provides:

ACCELERATION: The grade 9 program enables students in grade 10 to take some grade 11 courses.  This acceleration continues in the following year and interested students could graduate with up to twelve grade 12 credits (This is double the minimum requirement for university acceptance.) MaST students graduate with an average of nine grade 12 credits.

ENRICHMENT: The MaST classes allow students with similar interests to work together on projects that are hands-on and open-ended.  Many challenging and enriching opportunities are available to them such as Math and Science Contests, National Science Fair, and Skills Canada Competitions etc…Please visit the  news page to see what they have been up to recently.

FLEXIBILITY: As students progress to grade 12, their course options increase dramatically to support a wide variety of post-secondary opportunities.


All students in the MaST program will work towards a MaST Certificate.  This includes all courses in bold plus five Acceleration or MaST Option courses.  Students may also work towards an Honours MaST Certificate by receiving over 80% in 8 of the senior (coded with a 3 or 4) MaST courses.  Over 90% of the students that enter MaST in grade 9 graduate with a MaST certificate and over half of them earn an Honours MaST certificates


Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

MPM1DP – Grade 9 MaST Math

SNC1DP – Grade 9 MaST Science

CGC1DP – Grade 9 MaST Geography

TEJ1OPGrade 9 MaST Computer Technology

ENG1DP – Grade 9 MaST English

FSF1DP – Grade 9 MaST French

PPL1OV/P – Grade 9 Health and Physical Education

ADA1OP or AMI1OP or AVI1OP – Grade 9 Performing or Visual Arts

MPM2DPGrade 10 MaST Math

SBI3UPGrade 11 MaST Biology

ENG2DP – Grade 10 MaST English

CHC2DP – Grade 10 MaST History

*CIVCAR – Grade 10 Civics and Careers

Acceleration Options:

ICS3U1 – Grade 11 Computer Science

IDC3O1 – Grade 11 Engineering and Design

CGF3M1 – Grade 11 Forces of Nature

TDJ3C1 – Grade 11  Construction Engineering


MCR3UPGrade 11 MaST Math

SPH3UP – Grade 11 MaST Physics

SCH3UP – Grade 11 MaST Chemistry

Acceleration Options:

MDM4U1 – Grade 12 Data Management

SES4U1 - Grade 12 Earth & Space Science

SBI4U1 – Grade 12 Biology

ICS4U1 – Grade 12 Computer Science

IDC4U1 – Grade 12 Engineering and Design

CGW4U1 – Grade 12 World Issues

TCJ4C1-Grade 12 Construction Engineering 

MaST Options:

MHF4U1 – Grade 12 University Functions

MCV4U1 – Grade 12 University Calculus

SPH4U1 – Grade 12 University Physics

SCH4U1 – Grade 12 University Chemistry

PSK4U1 – Grade 12 University Exercise Science

Note: ‘P’ at the end of the course code denotes MaST ONLY students

          *Upon completion of year 1 (Grade 9) students may opt to enroll in civics and careers (online) 

           summer school in order to take an additional grade 11 course in year 2 (Grade 10).