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Grade 12U Physics

The grade 12 course follows the standard curriculum but with many special features. The full details of the course can be found here

Science Fair Projects:
During February, each student does a science fair project on their own or with a partner. These are show cased in March. This year Ress Simmons and Isaac Ellmen won a gold medal at for their project at the Metro SciFair and Rosie Hadzipetros and Nelani Skantharajah were among the top 50 projects from around the world with in the Clean Tech competition. 

Field Trips:
This year, the physics students visited the Computer and Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Toronto, the Michener Institute of Medical Technology and the Medical Physics Program at Ryerson. On these visits they had a chance to see the labs and other faciltiies, talk to professors and students and clarify their options for post-secondary education.. 

Enrichment Opportunities:
In 2014 four Danforth students were accepted at an one-day Particle Physics Master Class at the University of Toronto. At this session they got a deeper sense of what particle physicists study and how they are able to learn so much about tiny, short lived particles. Rees Simmons has been selected to attend the international Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students in Waterloo this summer. Last summer  Phillip Duncan was selected to attend the International Summer School for Young Physicists at the Perimeter Institute. In 2012 Danforth CTI hosted for a full-day workshop led by the Perimeter Institute for students across the GTA. 

Contests and other Challenges:
This year, Greg Morenz and Mohsen Heidari came first in the McMaster Physics Contest and Isaac Ellmen came in the top10% and won a book prize for the Sir Isaac Newton Physics Contest.